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One-Line Bio is Patrick Casey, a conservative independent political blogger located in Rhode Island.


Photo: Super Squirrel

I'm Patrick Casey, a political blogger from Rhode Island. Ideologically I consider myself to be a conservative with a splash of libertarianism. Looking at other political bloggers that I admire (the crews at National Review Online and The Weekly Standard, Cathy Seipp [RIP], Glenn Reynolds, Captain Ed, Charles Johnson, and Mickey Kaus), I guess I'd describe myself as a neo-conservative without the inaccurate pejoratives attached.

My background includes owning small but high volume restaurants, a construction company, and a commercial finance company. A major health crisis requiring a long rehabilitation caused a change in careers after 2000. During treatment, I got hooked on political commentary - eventually leading to starting my own blog in January 2005. I've blogged professionally for National Review Online's election blog "Sixers" and America Online's election blog "The Stump".

About the name of the blog:

Got it from one of my favorite TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's from a deleted scene from an episode during Season 7. I found it via The Buffy Trivia Guide link:

"A scene in After Life (when the Scoobies are in the backyard) was cut when Anya says: "Why are you having us skulk around and meet in the backyard like conspiracy squirrels? Sitting on this arm is making my buttocks hurt."

Source: Slayer: The Next Generation by Keith Topping"